Chris Rain (born march 29, 1984), pen name of Christian Florian Michel, is a visual artist and figurative/expressionist photographer. He spent his early career in Rome, working primarily as a novelist and music composer. Self-taught, from the mid 2000s he started a photographic side project mainly consists of visual representation of his short stories and livin' journals.


Chris has exhibited his works in solo/group shows internationally in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom. In '09 he was awarded the Renaissance Art Prize, Fotosintesi SiFest and Fotoleggendo Festival. The following year he has published his first hybrid book, titled: «I Am the Snow» (ISBN 978-88-867-95-39-5, italian edition, 72pp, Postcart Publishers).


His work is entirely focused on merging black & white film processing, traditional photographic techniques and chemistry experiments with ink drawing, digital art and painting. Images ends in themself, no objective values or caption that pretends to be social commentary can be found. He's looking for anything able to emancipate photography from its limitations concerning the representation of reality. Similarly, he employs an identifiable approach to expression that deals with such themes as restlessness, childhood unconsciousness and oneirism. He often used to link photographs with recurring places and hidden quotes; their scenery and backdrop resemble a greyout borderland where memories and fiction collide. The main character is desire to explore the unknown, understood as freedom, intellectual lust and skill to erase pointless things.